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Cat-Friendly Boarding at Ohio Drive Animal Hospital in Plano, TX

Cat-friendly boarding in Plano, TX, is designed to provide your feline companions with a comfortable and stress-free environment when you’re away.

a black and white cat lounging on striped bedding

Ensuring a Stress-Free Stay for Your Feline Friend

We understand the unique needs of cats and strive to make their boarding experience enjoyable, ensuring peace of mind for both pet owners and their beloved kitties.

When Is Cat-Friendly Boarding Necessary?

  1. Vacations or Travel: When you’re away on vacation or business trips, cat-friendly boarding ensures that your feline companion is well-cared-for in a secure environment.
  2. Home Renovations: During home renovations or repairs, boarding offers a safe space for your cat away from potential hazards.
  3. Medical Concerns: If your cat requires medical attention or monitoring, our boarding facilities are equipped to provide the necessary care.
  4. Socialization Needs: For social cats that thrive on interaction, our cat-friendly boarding allows them to engage with our staff and other feline guests.

The Benefits of Cat-Friendly Boarding

Comfortable Accommodations:

Our boarding facilities offer comfortable spaces for your cat to rest and relax, providing a home-like atmosphere to reduce stress.

Interactive Play Areas:

Enrichment activities and interactive play areas keep your cat engaged and entertained, promoting mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Individualized Attention:

Our staff is committed to providing individualized care, ensuring that your cat’s unique needs and preferences are met during their stay.

Trained and Caring Staff:

Our team is trained in feline behavior and handling, creating a calm and supportive environment for your cat’s well-being.

Trust Ohio Drive Animal Hospital for Cat-Friendly Boarding

At Ohio Drive Animal Hospital, we prioritize the happiness and well-being of your feline friends. Our cat-friendly boarding facilities are designed to provide a positive and comfortable experience, ensuring that your cat feels at ease during their stay. Contact us to inquire about availability and make arrangements for your cat’s next stay with us.