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Ohio Drive Animal Hospital – Trusted Dog Boarding in Plano, TX

We are pleased to offer overnight boarding for your precious pups at Ohio Drive Animal Hospital. We look forward to their stay!

chocolate brown dog lounging on purple comforter

Your Dog’s Home Away from Home

Welcome to Ohio Drive Animal Hospital, where we recognize your dogs as beloved family members. When life takes you away, entrust your furry companions to our caring hands. Our dedicated team ensures a safe and comforting environment at our advanced facility, making us the preferred choice for dog boarding in Plano, TX.

Tailored Dog Boarding Services

Cozy Accommodations

We provide secure and comfortable spaces for your dogs, ensuring a homely atmosphere during their stay. Our spacious dog hotel or kennel guarantees a haven for your four-legged friends to relax and enjoy their time.

Nutrient-Rich Meals

Your dog’s health is our priority. We provide balanced and nutritious meals, accommodating special dietary needs to ensure your dog receives the care they deserve.

On-Site Veterinary Attention

A distinct advantage of choosing Ohio Drive Animal Hospital is our on-site veterinary care. Our skilled veterinarians are readily available to address any health concerns during your dog’s stay.

Regular Outdoor Activities

We understand the importance of exercise for your dog’s physical and mental health. Our facility includes designated play areas where dogs can engage in supervised activities, promoting a healthy and happy experience.

How to Arrange Your Dog’s Stay

Booking your dog’s stay at Ohio Drive Animal Hospital is simple. Contact us to check availability and discuss your dog’s specific needs. Consider scheduling a visit to tour our facilities and meet our team, ensuring confidence in your choice of dog boarding in Plano, TX.

Choose Ohio Drive Animal Hospital for exceptional dog boarding services prioritizing your dog’s well-being and happiness. Your cuddly canines deserve the best, and we are here to provide them with excellent care. Contact us today to book your dog’s stay at our trusted facility.