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Pet Diagnostic Testing at Ohio Drive Animal Hospital in Plano, TX

Our non-invasive diagnostic imaging helps detect issues early, ensures accurate diagnoses, and monitors treatment progress.

diagnostic exam on dog with cone

The Significance of Pet Diagnostic Testing

Maintaining the health of your pets involves staying vigilant and proactive. At Ohio Drive Animal Hospital in Plano, TX, we emphasize this commitment by offering specialized pet diagnostic testing, including essential services like pet radiographs.

The Procedure Unveiled

During a pet radiograph session, your furry companion is gently positioned, and our advanced X-ray equipment captures intricate images of their internal anatomy. Subsequently, our experienced veterinary team meticulously analyzes these images, evaluating bones, joints, and organs.

Benefits of Pet Diagnostic Testing

Early Detection, Timely Action

A primary advantage of pet radiographs lies in their capacity to uncover potential health issues at their inception. Whether it’s pinpointing fractures or detecting organ irregularities, early identification facilitates prompt intervention and enhances the chances of successful treatment.

Precision in Diagnosis, Tailored Treatment

Pet radiographs present a comprehensive view of your pet’s anatomy, aiding in accurate diagnoses. Whether evaluating the extent of a fracture or discerning the root cause of an ailment, these images play a pivotal role in formulating effective and personalized treatment plans.

Ongoing Monitoring for Continued Care

For pets undergoing treatment or in recovery, subsequent radiographs enable our veterinarians to closely monitor progress. This iterative approach ensures that the chosen treatment plan aligns with expectations, allowing for necessary adjustments and fostering optimal recovery.

Facilitating Informed Treatment Decisions

Another notable advantage of pet radiographs is their role in facilitating informed treatment decisions. These detailed images give veterinarians a comprehensive understanding of your pet’s condition, enabling them to make well-informed choices regarding the most suitable and effective treatment options.


Selecting Ohio Drive Animal Hospital for your pet’s diagnostic testing, including pet radiographs, demonstrates your commitment to their well-being. Our dedicated team focuses on providing compassionate care and utilizing advanced diagnostic tools to keep your furry companions healthy and content.