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Sick Pet Exams at Ohio Drive Animal Hospital in Plano, TX

Our sick pet exams are designed to provide thorough assessments and compassionate care to help your pet get back on the path to health.

a dog being petted by a doctor

The Importance of Sick Pet Exams

Comprehensive Evaluation for Accurate Diagnosis

During a sick pet exam at Ohio Drive Animal Hospital, our veterinarians conduct a comprehensive evaluation to understand the nature and extent of your pet’s illness. This involves a detailed examination of your pet’s symptoms, medical history, and any necessary diagnostic tests to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Tailored Treatment Plans for Effective Care

Upon identifying the root cause of your pet’s illness, our veterinary team formulates a tailored treatment plan. This plan is designed to address the specific needs of your pet, ensuring effective care that targets the underlying health issues.

Benefits of Sick Pet Exams

Timely Identification and Intervention

A primary benefit of sick pet exams is the timely identification and intervention of your pet’s health issues. Early detection allows for prompt treatment, preventing the progression of illnesses and improving the chances of a quick recovery.

Targeted Care for Optimal Recovery

Sick pet exams enable our veterinary team to provide targeted care, addressing the specific health concerns affecting your pet. This focused approach contributes to optimal recovery and minimizes the risk of complications associated with untreated illnesses.

Alleviating Discomfort and Pain

Sick pets often experience discomfort and pain. Sick pet exams allow us to promptly identify and address these sources of distress, providing the necessary relief to enhance your pet’s well-being and comfort.

Post-Surgery or Treatment Monitoring:

Monitoring your pet’s health after surgery or during ongoing treatments to ensure their well-being.


Choosing Ohio Drive Animal Hospital for sick pet exams means choosing thorough assessments, targeted care, and compassionate attention for your furry friend’s health concerns. Our dedicated team is committed to helping your sick pet regain health and happiness. Contact us to schedule an exam, and let us provide the expert care your sick pet deserves.